• What ?
    SCENTURY is a research platform for perfume culture that strives to redefine the way we speak and think about fragrance.

    How ?
    SCENTURY translates perfume into stories and images — a language everyone understands. Our global network of creative innovators and fragrance experts helps us to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, social and psychological contexts of fragrance. SCENTURY operates online and offline.

    Who ?
    SCENTURY was started and operated by 20FIRST, a Berlin-based studio for brand building and creative direction. 20FIRST was founded by Helder Suffenplan in 2006 and has won many national and international awards.

    Helder Suffenplan Helder Suffenplan
    … studied art history and design in Cologne and Düsseldorf before he moved to Berlin in 2006 where he founded the design consultancy 20FIRST. He has been fascinated by fragrance since his childhood days and created SCENTURY in order to share this passion with others.
    hs (@) scentury.com

    The photographers
    SCENTURY is supported by a network of fragrance enthusiasts, photographers and creatives:

    Franziska Taffelt Franziska Taffelt
    … was born and raised in Berlin where she also lives and works today. She has a passion for human beings and their mysterious behaviours — the strange, secret things of life. It’s candid, it’s poetic, it’s realistic.
    Volker Eichenhofer Volker Eichenhofer
    … worked in Munich, Vienna and London before he moved to Berlin. He is splitting himself between fashion and portraiture photography on the one hand and his project Volksspeisung on the other — a project that links professional cooking with the world of photography.
    Holger Homann Holger Homann
    … is a man of many talents: parallel to his career in publishing he has been working successfully as a photographer for many years. His work is inspired by both the classics of reportage photography and the light scenarios of painters like Caravaggio.
    Per Zennström Per Zennström
    … is a photographer and filmmaker exploring the intersection of fashion, photography, technology and new media and the space where they meet, mix and match with business. He also has the bragging rights of a 10h 33mins at Ironman.
    Michael Donath Michael Donath
    … says he is grateful to be a photographer because it allows him “to completely get lost” in his work. In the course of his successful career he has been working for illustrious clients such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Spex, Knoll, Aveda and Playboy (!).
    Rosa Merk Rosa Merk
    … studied photography at Lette Verein Berlin and since then has focused on reportage and portrait photography. Her search for mesmerizing images, interesting people & places has made her travel through many countries all over the world.
    Derrick Leung Derrick Leung
    … is a photographer and art director who has been collaborating with some of the top talent in fashion, music and art. Always running around with a camera snapping pictures of friends, family and for work. Derrick lives in New York.
    Jovian Lim Jovian Lim
    … is a photographer born and bred in Singapore. He intends to work like a painter, exploring the space between the sublime and the human. Jovian is an early riser who loves a clean breakfast and the tranquility each morning brings.

    Yes, we cooperate !
    If you are interested in collaborating with SCENTURY or want more information about the services of 20FIRST, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Email: info (@) scentury.com